Between rides…

Using the wayback machine you might remember a post about “What do you do while the Tesla is charging?” ¬†The answer was “ski” of course. That was in the winter. In the summer between rides I try and sneak in to Hallam Lake at ACES with my camera and take a few snaps of the locals.

This week we’ve had:


A kingfisher A flock of Wilsons Phalaropes A blue winged teal duck and right before closing time….

Mama and cubby taking a quick bath to cool off in the heat 

Yes, very happy about that looooong zoom lens for those last two shots.

Belle the Golden Eagle

Belle the Golden Eagle

Of course we always say “Hi” to Belle the resident Golden Eagle who was rescued off Aspen Mountain in 1982. She can still fly but she can’t glide so ACES is now her permanent home.

more photography

Recharging walks

While the car was charging in the public garage yesterday I decided to visit one of my favorite places in Aspen. After al,l it’s not only the car which needs the batteries recharged.


Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

and say hello to my favorite resident, Belle the Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Belle was looking very fluffy yesterday. It was cold.


Z3RO-G your Uber Tesla in Aspen.