Breakfast in the off season

April- lifts closed- and snow- welcome to Aspen.

So time for a little warm up coffee and a muffin

It used to be a gas station with a drive through now it’s more of a park and go


Charging in Aspen

charging the tesla

charging the tesla


One of the most frequent questions is “How long does it take to charge a Tesla?” and the answer is “That depends on the charger.” Here at the Pitkin County Public Works charger (across from  the airport between the animal shelter and the bus barn) the charge is 20 miles per hour.  At the Rio Grande parking lot in Aspen it’s 28 miles per hour. At the supercharger in Glenwood Springs it’s 280 miles per hour. We looooooove the supercharger.


It’s turning into a trend – and a nice one at that.

Yesterday morning with 14″ of freshies on the mountain for the last day of the 2016 XGames

XGames Aspen 2016

XGames Aspen 2016

my first ride was  DJ Snake.

DJ Snake X Games Aspen 2016

DJ Snake X Games Aspen 2016

Pow during the day…

Freshies in Aspen January 31 2016

Freshies in Aspen January 31 2016

and Belly up at night…

and this morning…. more of the same…




winterskol fireworks

“What is Winterskol?” my riders ask. Literally it’s “a toast to Winter” but really- it’s a little party we cooked up for that January lull right after Christmas.

“Cooking”-which brings me to my favorite Winterskol event: SoupSKOL!

IMG_4663Our local restaurants get together and compete for the best soup. The public votes with orange spoons in soup kettles. (Let me tell you green chili makes a lovely handwarmer on a cold evening.)

Here’s our Winterskol King and Queen Tom and Jody Cardamone judging the soup (using sorbet as a palette cleanser between spoonfuls)


This year’s winner was Meat and Cheese with a coconut based soup which made us all think of taking time out on the beach.

Don’t miss the snow carving on the mall…IMG_4670

…. actually I think the “leftovers” make a great snowball fort




Recharging walks

While the car was charging in the public garage yesterday I decided to visit one of my favorite places in Aspen. After al,l it’s not only the car which needs the batteries recharged.


Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

and say hello to my favorite resident, Belle the Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Belle was looking very fluffy yesterday. It was cold.


Z3RO-G your Uber Tesla in Aspen.

week 1

“This is the nicest Uber I’ve ever been in…wow a Tesla” Yep, those were the first words from almost every one of my 59 rides last week. I have to agree. I love my Tesla. I love to share that love with my riders.

Summing up the first week as an Uber driver in Aspen… well, it ain’t New York. FYI, yes, I did drive a cab in New York in the 80’s and some things are the same and some things are very different.

The riders have been terrific (especially Cabo the Cocker Spaniel- what a cutie- sorry- no pix Cabo is shy). They’ve been a diverse crowd and that’s what we expect in Aspen. Riders came from 5 Continents China, Colombia, France, Pakistan, Australia, Canada …

Uber Tesla in Aspen

Uber Tesla in Aspen

…. visitors from all over the USA, Floridians escaping the snowbirds, Texas Oil Company guys checking out the electric car, Los Angelenos doing the  last minute round trip to LA before Christmas , and many from my old stomping grounds- folks from NYC (“Have you eaten at Red Farm on Hudson?” “Yes!” “The oysters with Myer Lemon!” followed by a moment of silence as we both remember that appetizer.. which I tell you…is … oh my.)

So wait- what about the Tesla in the snow you say? My 2013 Model S isn’t all wheel and the roads have been pretty darn slick. Yep, I need to channel my 1960’s driving style and slow down a bit and use a little more caution but this is by far the best rear wheel drive vehicle I’ve ever driven. In fact that’s a quote from one of my riders as we were driving on Owl Creek road “This is the best rear wheel drive car I’ve ever been in.”  That it is.

I’ve made trips to Eagle Airport and Beaver Creek when the planes were delayed. Thank you to my very patient riders who opted to wait for a recharge in Glenwood Springs at the Tesla Supercharger.

The major difference between driving in NYC and Aspen? Well, while the car is recharging at the Rio Grande garage I can ride the gondola for a top to bottom on Ajax with a quick stop to grab a coffee and strudel at Bonnies  and then go back to driving.

Look for the Z3RO-G plates – your Uber Tesla in Aspen.


Christmas Shred

These guys now how to POW!


I picked them up in front of Victoria’s on Christmas morning with skis and coffee in hand.

Victoria's Cafe Aspen Colorado

Victoria’s Cafe Aspen Colorado

Those lovely fat powder skis went on the ski rack and off we went to Highlands. Hope you had some great laps on the bowl guys!

Here’s a quick 2015  youtube of Highlands Bowl (pretty close to conditions yesterday).


Take an Uber Tesla to Highlands and shred with style.