winterskol fireworks

“What is Winterskol?” my riders ask. Literally it’s “a toast to Winter” but really- it’s a little party we cooked up for that January lull right after Christmas.

“Cooking”-which brings me to my favorite Winterskol event: SoupSKOL!

IMG_4663Our local restaurants get together and compete for the best soup. The public votes with orange spoons in soup kettles. (Let me tell you green chili makes a lovely handwarmer on a cold evening.)

Here’s our Winterskol King and Queen Tom and Jody Cardamone judging the soup (using sorbet as a palette cleanser between spoonfuls)


This year’s winner was Meat and Cheese with a coconut based soup which made us all think of taking time out on the beach.

Don’t miss the snow carving on the mall…IMG_4670

…. actually I think the “leftovers” make a great snowball fort




Recharging walks

While the car was charging in the public garage yesterday I decided to visit one of my favorite places in Aspen. After al,l it’s not only the car which needs the batteries recharged.


Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

and say hello to my favorite resident, Belle the Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Belle was looking very fluffy yesterday. It was cold.


Z3RO-G your Uber Tesla in Aspen.