Train to Tesla

I love driving for the Aspen Ideas Festival .

Not only are my riders articulate , engaged and curious they also tend to be very conscious of environmental issues. It’s no surprise that some speakers are choosing to travel to the Festival via train instead of by airplane.

Here are a few pix of the Amtrak station in Glenwood Springs. where the California Zephyr stops on it’s San Francisco to Chicago run.

The last time I took this train from Denver to Glenwood it was in the Spring and I saw 6 bald eagle nests along the river.

Bald Eagle nest.

That’s worth slowing down your trip just a little. So if you can’t take a ride in a Tesla- take the train.

Glenwood Springs Colorado Amtrak station Here’s some lovely wrought iron work from Francis Whitiker



Keeling Curve

I was fortunate enough to be at the Keeling Curve Prize ceremony last night at the Hotel Jerome. Congratulations to all the winners- and seriously- I wish everyone could have won since we need all the solutions for carbon mitigation we can get….


Our former Senator , Tim Worth kicking off the awards ceremony

There were lots of familiar faces there including Amory Lovins of RMI and Pitkin County Commissioners Steve Child and Patti Clapper.


… especially chuffed to see the Savory Institute as a winner since mob grazing is one of the strategies I’m using down on the ranch in Carbondale .

Z3RO-G Limo at home- solar panel charged,

on the Ranch using the Savory Holistic Management methods

and planting trees with Groasis Waterboxxes.


Working towards the goal of  net zero  for life and work.




Monday was a lovely day to go over Independence Pass with a short stop at the Continental Divide 12,095′ sign… as everyone does….

Although there is normally a lot more snow at the top it was still lush green meadows dotted with small patches of snow under Colorado blue skies. There were a few wildflowers left by the road and I suspect there are more in the valleys.

Independence is always beautiful no matter which direction you look.

One of the things which really astonishes me is how much electricity is generated in the Tesla by going downhill.

Returning to Aspen at Twin Lakes I had 200 miles in the battery.

At the top of the Pass I was down to 182 miles in the battery.

By the time I was back in Aspen the regenerative brakes had produced 13 miles of charge- leaving 195 miles in the battery. That’s a total of 5 miles of battery charge  (200 in Twin Lakes , 195 in Aspen) to drive the 36 miles of Independence Pass.


Happy trails.


I do love this car.