Can you get to Vail?

That’s frequent question. “How far can you go on a charge?”

Tesla scharging in Glenwood Springs Colorado
Tesla scharging in Glenwood Springs Colorado

Although I’ve gone from Carbondale to Denver on a single charge it’s not recommended.  There is a “sweet spot” on the Model S 85 between 150 and 265 miles and that’s where you want to keep the battery.

Fortunately more and more superchargers keep popping up all the time. To go from 150 to 265 takes about 40 minutes.

So, to get to

Aspen to Vail – add 40 minutes for a supercharge in Glenwood.

Aspen to Denver- add 80 minutes for 2 supercharges one in Glenwood and one in Silverthorne.

Aspen to Grand Junction- add 40 minutes for a supercharge.

It’s best if long distance trips are booked one day in advance to insure the battery is as close to full as possible when I pick you up.



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