winterskol fireworks

“What is Winterskol?” my riders ask. Literally it’s “a toast to Winter” but really- it’s a little party we cooked up for that January lull right after Christmas.

“Cooking”-which brings me to my favorite Winterskol event: SoupSKOL!

IMG_4663Our local restaurants get together and compete for the best soup. The public votes with orange spoons in soup kettles. (Let me tell you green chili makes a lovely handwarmer on a cold evening.)

Here’s our Winterskol King and Queen Tom and Jody Cardamone judging the soup (using sorbet as a palette cleanser between spoonfuls)


This year’s winner was Meat and Cheese with a coconut based soup which made us all think of taking time out on the beach.

Don’t miss the snow carving on the mall…IMG_4670

…. actually I think the “leftovers” make a great snowball fort





Uber Select

I am very pleased to announce that we’ve moved up a class. After completing over 100 trips and scoring all 5 star reviews last week the Uber Tesla isĀ  now an UberSELECT Tesla.



The neighbors are unimpressed

I was a bit worried about driving a Tesla in an area with a lot of wildlife.


What would happen when there was no engine noise or odorĀ  to announce the arrival of a gasoline powered vehicle?


deer walking away
deer walking away

Apparently….. nothing.

The majority of animals have stopped- looked up- and walked on. Maybe they can sense the 800 lbs of batteries in the car. Maybe the minimal noise the Tesla makes is something which inspires curiosity instead of a flight response. I have no idea. All I know is that the wildlife reaction so far is to stop, look, and then walk away…. with the exception of that fox who ran in front of the car at the Castle Creek bridge… fast fox… excellent Tesla brakes… run foxy run.

Eating the elephant

Paying for the Tesla.fivers

Can working as an Uber driver pay for a Tesla? In my case a 2013 Model S used Tesla?

December, 79 trips between December 19 and 31 driving as an Uber X in Aspen the car payment has been covered for one month.

Uber requires 100 trips to qualify as “Elite”. Another 14 trips and the Tesla should show up on the Uber app as “Elite” … The next 14 riders are going to get a such a deal…..

Recharging walks

Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

While the car was charging in the public garage yesterday I decided to visit one of my favorite places in Aspen. After al,l it’s not only the car which needs the batteries recharged.


Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen
Hallam lake at ACES in Aspen

and say hello to my favorite resident, Belle the Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen
Golden Eagle at ACES in Aspen

Belle was looking very fluffy yesterday. It was cold.


Z3RO-G your Uber Tesla in Aspen.