Miles and Miles of Tesla

Would you buy a used Tesla?

Tesloop is a Tesla car service company in LA and they have a Tesla with 500,000 miles. Here’s their video on how the car has held up over time and distance.

The exterior wear is different in the Rockies with winter road conditions but overall the battery life and performance reviews- yep – spot on (even better on the battery life since Z3RO-G has the 2016 Model S).

Would you buy a used Tesla for $15K? You should. No, really, you should.

Rule Change!

It only took 3 years.

A Tesla is a luxury limousine per the new rule.

6305. Luxury Limousine.
(II) executive car, which is a Motor Vehicle that has four doors and is:
(A) a sedan, crossover, or sport utility vehicle manufactured by: Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Tesla, or Volvo

A Big thank you to all those Tesla and Z3RO-G supporters out there.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

I never thought I’d use the Hepa filter in the Tesla. It came bundled with the interior package on the Model S and I thought “Okay, that’s a bit ridiculous, but if I need that for the all black interior with the touchy feely black suede dash and ceiling and the comfier seats okay then…”

Then last summer this happened. The Lake Christine Fire.

Burning over 12,000 acres
Turning the sky orange as far away as Denver

The Lake Christine Fire started July 3, 2019 burned over 12,000 acres and continued through October. That’s roughly equivalent to a wildfire the size of Manhattan.

I was driving to Denver a lot because commercial flights are not allowed to fly over active wildfire operations and if you wanted to fly in or out of Aspen your closest airport was DIA 200 miles away. The helicopters and slurry planes were busy dumping 30,000 to 50,000 gallons of water a day on the fire.

We love our firefighters

I used the Bioweapon mode every day. Thank you Tesla.

What would Yvon Chouinard do?

If there is a litmus test it should probably be “What would Yvon Chouinard do?

I always warn people… ask me about the Tesla and I will not shut up about the Tesla; but I much as I love this car it’s not just about the car or EV’s or “Green”. It’s quite simply I love where I live…

I love my neighbors….

I love summer…


…but you have to be careful…. you can love something to death… you need to respect what you love… and try very very hard not to hurt what you love….

That’s why the Z3RO-g is charged with solar.. and that’s kept almost a million pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere so far….

What else does Z3RO-g do? Holistic grazing to help restore grassland….

Planting trees in using the Groasis waterboxx to reduce water use and improve habitat.

… and support other local organizations which are actively working to lower our carbon footprint.

Protect Our Winters
Rocky Mountain Institute,
Aspen Canary Initiative

So yes, please book your next ride with Z3RO-g  because a Tesla is a radically cool car and it’s fun; but the bottom line is please book your next ride with an EV, take mass transit, buy carbon offsets for your next flight and consolidate your travel to get as much done in as few trips as possible. Please be kind to each other and the planet we all call “home”.

When Z3RO-G travels it’s Tesla.

Sure, Z3RO-G is here to make your Aspen vacation transport needs care free and emissions free but what happens when we’re traveling? Carbon offsets  for the plane but once on the ground what then?

Getting to a wedding at Oakham Castle from Heathrow was a breeze with GoZero .

It was a seamless trip to Oakham Castle. We did do a lot of Tesla talk and compared notes on running Tesla Livery businesses in different countries.

GoZero is an inspiration. Wow,  GoZero even has plans for electric planes. The best deal ever? Drive for GoZero for 5 years and you get to keep the Tesla …. hmmm…. don’t know if I can swing that for Z3RO-G drivers but it’s certainly a fabulous goal. Well done Mr. Wells and GoZero for getting me to and from Oakham  with zero emissions.

The wedding was pretty Faaaaaabulous even if you needed to trade heels for wellies… a little rain isn’t going to stop a party in Rutland.

Many thanks to the Tesla Divas FB group for helping me find a Tesla Limo in the UK.

Now it’s back to work in Aspen… although with off season things have cooled down a bit… which means more time to enjoy the fall for me and off season rates for you.

New Superchargers for the West Slope

Light gray markers show superchargers “coming soon”

Red markers show existing superchargers for Teslas

Dark gray markers are existing chargers for Teslas and other EVs

This Supercharger in Silverthorne is a familiar and welcome stop but the network is expanding to make the Western Slope very Tesla friendly. We just had a row of tesla chargers installed in the Inn at Aspen parking lot  (these are limited to 72KW but still very welcome and will free up the  three local  Chademo DC options for the other electric cars).  The new charger at Poncha Springs makes that back road to Santa Fe a tantalizing possibility especially if that Alamosa one appears; and the “coming soon” options at Montrose , Telluride and Steamboat should make cruising between my favorite mountain towns a breeze. Now if we could just have a lifetime all West Slope ski pass as part of that Tesla purchase…..


One more supercharger station… and it’s in Aspen! Woohoo!

I was creeping along in morning traffic and what did I see pop up on my Tesla navigation? A new supercharger station… in Aspen …. so of course I had to go right over and check it out.


Yes that does say 242 miles per hour


This is Josh who works for the Inn at Aspen he’s doing the finishing touches on the install.

This is a lovely spot in the East parking lot of the Inn at Aspen

It’s located at the base of Buttermilk where they hold the Xgames… and where Home Team serves up some tasty BBQ sports bar fare…

Train to Tesla

I love driving for the Aspen Ideas Festival .

Not only are my riders articulate , engaged and curious they also tend to be very conscious of environmental issues. It’s no surprise that some speakers are choosing to travel to the Festival via train instead of by airplane.

Here are a few pix of the Amtrak station in Glenwood Springs. where the California Zephyr stops on it’s San Francisco to Chicago run.

The last time I took this train from Denver to Glenwood it was in the Spring and I saw 6 bald eagle nests along the river.

Bald Eagle nest.

That’s worth slowing down your trip just a little. So if you can’t take a ride in a Tesla- take the train.

Glenwood Springs Colorado Amtrak station Here’s some lovely wrought iron work from Francis Whitiker